Central Coast Insights 2023: Your Wine Industry Inside Look

Central Coast Insights 2023: Your Wine Industry Inside Look

A revealing economic and financial conference hosted in Paso Robles, the Central Coast Insights Symposium unites vineyard and winery owners, growers, vendors, and more. Now we're sharing the most valuable takeaways you need to know from the top Central Coast wine industry experts. 
There are more than 984 wineries on California's Central Coast. Comparatively, there are 870 in Washington and 871 in Oregon today.
Local grape prices have increased over 35% in the last decade.
The last 3 years (2019-2022) saw the most dramatic growth with an average price increase of 14%. Paso Robles is home to 26% of the fastest growing wine bands. Plus—while the average overall retail bottle price is $12 nationwide, the San Luis Obispo region averages $20/bottle and is only increasing. 
Big picture? Paso Robles is on the rise.
High-quality fruit and more accessible pricing than Napa make this region increasingly desirable. In Paso, you can produce exceptional wines for less. The market is truly bifurcated with high-end grapes in a market of their own. Expect premium AVA valuations for Westside Paso while East Paso has the volume and quality to make $15-30 quality Cabernet Sauvignon.
According to the Terlato Wine Group, “The trend of large wine companies wanting to increase their presence along the Central Coast persists. Paso Robles has become more attractive and the big wine companies continue to launch Paso Robles-based wines.” John Anthony Truchard describes Paso Robles as "still quote-unquote ‘affordable’.” while Trinchero Family Estates recognizes that "...the Central Coast area is going to be pivotal to the industry.” 
Wineries Investing in the Central Coast: 
  • E & J Gallo - Acquired Denner Vineyards
  • Cakebread Cellars - Launching Bezel (Central Coast Brand) 
  • JaM Cellars - Serial Wines (Central Coast Brand)
  • O’Neill Vintners - Acquired Robert Hall Winery
  • Terlato Family Vineyards - Owns Sanford Winery & Launching Paso Robles brand
Central Coast Region (2022 data)

3 Tier Off-Premise 

Direct-to-Consumer Shipments 

$1.5 billion


10MM 9L cases


1,000 brands / 3,300 items

$13 average retail price 

$425 MM


800K 9L cases


$44 average price 

Central Coast Harvest Volumes 2022-2019 



Change (previous year)
















515, 318 tons = 5 year running average | Source: Bozzano & Co 
Cabernet Sauvignon Average Price / Gallon 

Cabernet Sauvignon



% Change 

Paso Robles AVA




Central Coast AVA








California (All) 




Source: Bozzano & Co 
Bulk Wine Insights
According to Anthony Bozzano, Cab is leading the charge in Paso and there’s a shortage of the particular hillside Cab buyers want. Paso would benefit from more Central Coast Chardonnay and local Sauvignon Blanc. 
Hot Brands from Paso Robles East Side 
  • Trouble Maker
  • Justin
  • J.Lohr
  • Daou
  • Robert Hall
  • Intercept 
  • Smith & Hook
  • Broadside Paso Robles 

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