Harvest 2021: Insider Insights

Harvest 2021: Insider Insights

Harvest is here and California's #1 vineyard real estate broker, Jenny Heinzen, is thrilled to share an inside look at the wine industry from top vineyard managers and long-time experts across the Central Coast and Paso Robles American Viticultural Area (AVA).

What to Expect

  • Weather: Recent warm temperatures sparked an earlier harvest than normal by about two weeks. Overall, expect a lighter crop than past years.

  • No Wildfire Impact: While the region has seen some smoke from California wildfires, it has not affected the vineyards on the Central Coast and in Paso Robles.

  • Drought Conditions: The growing season saw just two significant rain days this winter. While these ongoing drought conditions are presenting growers with a lighter crop, there is good news to reveal! Dry conditions actually create smaller, more concentrated grapes, which are ideal for winemaking. So, while this can lower overall yields, it actually produces more robust flavors, bold colors, and strong acidity. All desirable qualities among consumers.

  • Expect Epic Quality: All the combined elements above lead California wine insiders to feel quite bullish. Generally, you can expect phenomenal quality wines from the 2021 vintage.

Key Vineyard Financial Facts

  • One acre can yield 1-10 tons of grapes.
  • A ton of grapes in Paso Robles typically sells for $600-$6,000/ton and produces [X] cases of wine, or [X] bottles.
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